Product type: WBK1
A fully automatic retail shop in the format of a kiosk
Datasheet (PDF)

A Module Change System
B Touch Screen, Cash, RFID, Debit Or Credit Card, Code Scanner
C Workerbot
D Delivery
E 49” Display

The Workerbotkiosk is a fully automatic retail shop in the format of a kiosk. No human works in the shop, but only a humanoid robot.

Due to compact dimensions, the kiosk fits into a sea container or can be brought by car with a trailer to the place of use.

Filling of goods is carried out by means of transport trolleys, enabling rapid exchange of kiosk modules. These modules can consist of shelves for goods, or of functional units, such as coffee machines or other equipment.

The kiosk can be reconfigured within a few hours from e.g. an electronics store to an ice cream store, to a toy shop, shoe shop, coffee bar or for other tasks. The robot delivers goods, but it can also take on assembly or individualization tasks.


  • shopping as an experience
  • customize your kiosk
  • constant friendly and excellent service
  • operation in all languages
  • new services such as 3D printing possible
  • click-and-collect
  • no shop closing times
  • vandalism prevention through cameras
  • prevention of inventory differences / theft
  • continuous inventory in real-time
  • lower transport and packaging costs
  • Shop inventory management with E-commerce data
  • no cash-till differences
  • no counterfeit money
  • automated payment process
  • no personnel costs
  • no illness / vacation issues
  • 24/7 operation without additional personnel costs
  • no problems with security clearance / criminal records