Product type: PV-IDent
PV-IDent(R) - The fingerprint of your pv-modules

PV-IDent provides excellent features for the traceability of your photovoltaic (PV) products.

A unique data set is stored for each of your products, containing:

  • Customer ID / date of inspection
  • product conditions before shipment
  • shape of gridfingers, busbars, cells, panels
  • native silicon defects
  • production related defects

PV-IDent is a powerful tool for product life time monitoring and warranty control:

  • monitoring of degradation
  • detection of transport damage
  • panel mounting damage
  • vandalism damage
  • product plagiarism

What precisely is PV-IDent?

PV-IDent is traceability of your PV-products without the need of visual marking methods. Unique characteristics not shown in visual light are extracted from electroluminescent (EL)-images. These are saved as a data vector compressed to a few bytes instead of 120 Gbytes, if you would be storing all high resolution EL images.

PV-IDent is more than just a serial number, PV-IDent is an EL-image fingerprint of our modules. Product condition is monitored prior to shipment, warranty claims can be rejected if they are related to transport damage. Crystal struc-ture, impurities, cell defects and low efficient areas are stored by PV-IDent providing a data base for your quality control.

PV-IDent is a trademark from pi4_robotics GmbH, the technology is a registered patent.