Product type: ADS1
A device for biocide-free monitoring of insect pests

The Inseqtor is a device for fully automatic biocide-free insect pest monitoring. With its infrared-sensitive camera and two infrared LEDs, the Inseqtor also detects nocturnal insect pests. Not bigger than a shoebox, the Inseqtor can be set up with the corresponding frame anywhere indoors, e.g. near typical food sources for insect pests, and also in warm and humid rooms.

Just a few steps are needed to set up the pest monitoring on the Touch Screen. Continuous monitoring, night-time operation or variable monitoring periods are possible. The Inseqtor shows freedom from pests with a green light from the indicator LED that is visible from afar. In the event of pest infestation, the indicator LED turns from green to red.

The monitoring reports and, if available, the images of the detected insect pests can be exported to a USB stick. The exported pest monitoring reports can be displayed in a web browser and saved or printed out for documentation purposes, e.g. for official controls.

A Touch Screen (Settings, display and export of the monitoring report)
B USB (Export of monitoring reports)
C Indicator LED (Display of pest status)
D Infrared LED


  • Small, compact and inconspicuous device.
  • Biocide-free pest monitoring, environmentally friendly.
  • Reliable detection of a single insect.
  • Elimination of regular inspection rounds.
  • Automatically generated pest monitoring reports.
  • Low documentation effort.
  • Targeted pest control possible through early detection of pest infestation.
  • Minimization of downtimes (e.g. in production) through rapid initiation of control measures.